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Our Chef’s experimental flan cake.

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Our Executve Chef Alexis, likes to cook with all types of people.

Whether they are professionally trained or home cooks who have command over a certain cuisine.  He is always looking for inspiration

for dishes. While Alexis was in Key West on vacation, his Aunt Olema was in the kitchen with him.  She was showing him how to cook several dishes that she had made in her kitchen for over 30 decades for her exquisite cocktail parties. Olema called it flan cake.  It sounded odd at first to Chef Alexis but it was interesting enough for him to take a closer look at the recipe.  It was a cake batter that was combined with a flan IMG_9417recipe and while the dessert was baking, the cake and the flan would separate and  return to its original state and would look like the photograph above.

A caramel and flan get added to the baking vessel.



Then the batter is added.


It is baked in a water bath for about 45 minutes.

IMG_9703 IMG_9713

IMG_9422 IMG_9423 IMG_9456

The Chef may put it on the menu come spring for our dinner service. He makes the cake with the classic red velvet batter and scents the flan with fennel. It is actually very good.  Something I have not tasted…. ever!