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Happy Holidays from the staff at Union Hill Kitchen!

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This is our first post for December 2013! Just to recap, we have launched our casual lunch service on October 4th 2013. Though we blew electrical  fuses in the restaurant for the first couple of days because of the power we were using in the kitchen, we were still successful in bringing our guests freshly made food. We opened for dinner on December 4th 2013! We have had many of the surrounding community express so much support for us that we want to say thank you to them. So the staff at UHK sends a heart felt thank you!


Our chef is always reading and studying, that’s what we appreciate about him. This is our Chef in his private library, which none of us have seen yet. ­čÖé

We have received many questions regarding the menu in the past two weeks and here you will find an answer to some of them.

Our menu will always remain small and focused. The Chef will add pasta, fish, gluten free and vegetarian soon.

Starting immediately, we will open for lunch Tuesday  thru Saturday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Dinner will be Wednesday thru Saturday from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

We will be open New Years Eve for dinner between 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Our doors will close at 9:00 and our kitchen will close at 9:15. We will have a small menu for that evening. We are accepting reservations at 770 458 6252. If you get our voice mail please leave a message and we will contact you to confirm your seating.

Our Executive Chef Alexis has lots of fun things in store for 2014. He is currently  working on a strawberry pie for this summer. If you love strawberries, this will be something you need to try. I am not a fan of strawberry but this one tasted like it was summer.


These are the Chef’s Kentucky ham smoked croquettes. They are fantastic alone and best with his tequila-coffee guava sauce. He uses a Pate a Choux Dough to make the croquette and this is indicative of a snack he had enjoyed as a young Cuban boy growing up in New Jersey. Even people from Miami that are experts in croquettes have hailed this dish as the best croquette they have ever tasted.


And this is a crostini with Prosciutto crudo, sage brown butter, mozzarella and fried sage leaf. When we tasted it, we were amazed at how these simple ingredients placed together on a toasted bread could taste so amazing. The fried sage leaf is also something we have not seen or enjoyed before. Hopefully this will be offered on our menu soon.

We hope to see you all this week.